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While it’s lovely to have someone else tell you the mysteries of the universe,
the most profound meanings come from understanding this ancient art for yourself.


In this School you will learn all the skill sets and synthesis techniques needed for you to feel confident and qualified to answer your soul calling and even begin a career as a professional Astrologer – regardless of where you currently are at in your Astrological studies!

​We will be using your own chart as our ‘learning example’ each week so not only will you be slowly and steadily learning the divine structure of advanced Astrology, you will also be slowly and steadily discovering the profound secrets of your own soul contract.

And per my usual, each week you’ll be tricked into learning these heady concepts through hands on activities, worksheets, games and other fun and challenging ways to train your brain to learn – and actually remember – the ancient art of Astrology.

Who EXACTLY is this School for?

#1 – Those wanting to become a professional Astrologer.

#2 – Those wanting to learn the healing art of Astrology so they can help their friends and family.

#3 – Those wanting to treat themselves to an incredible time of deep diving into their own soul.

A combination of Divine Mystery School, rigorous Astrological study, playful games and weekly therapy, my Astrology School is for those who want to go beyond a ‘part-time’ passing curiosity in Astrology. 


This school is designed to be a full, cover-all-the-bases Astrological Immersion, that fully integrates each step before moving onto the next so that by the end, you have all the tools and confidence you need to start your own profession as an astrologer, if you so choose. This school will help you fill in the remaining gaps on your Astrological journey.

I know that’s a big claim, and I should say obviously Astrology is an endless fractal of profound information which can be studied for lifetimes and still not fully mastered. That being said though, if you know the Core Pillars of Astrology, and are able to synthesize all of these into a cohesive whole, as well as understand how all of that can ‘evolve’ over time through progressions and transit activations, you are head and shoulders above most other Astrologers! ​

​​In this School, I can teach you these Core Pillars with my deceptively simple and intuitive teaching methods that allow you to not only retain this profound wisdom, but also find the cohesive meaning in it all by building up your ‘storytelling muscle’ – aka learning the art of Chart Synthesis.


By the end of your time as a student in my School, you will feel confident in your ability to answer the questions of:

- How can I heal my deepest wounds?
- What makes me feel the most loved?
- How can I break out of my dysfunctional patterns?
- How can I best help my clients heal their Family Karma?
- How do I use transits and progressions to create my best life?
- What’s the best way to give a relationship reading?
- Which house system works best for me?
- When are the Major Times of ‘Activation’ in my life?
- What’s in store for me this next year?
- How can I best help my clients to find their true purpose?

(plus many more…)

Full Moon
So what exactly does this course cover...?

102/Advanced Section of School Year (7-8 Months)

Class 1 – How Astrology Works and the 12 Signs of the Zodiac
Class 2 – Elements and Modes of the Signs
Class 3 – Introduction to the Houses
Class 4 – House Elements and Working with the Houses
Class 5 – Integration Session
Class 6 – House Modes and the Angles
Class 7 – Oppositions and the Nodes
Class 8 – Nodal Journey Art and Storytelling
Class 9 – Integration Session
Class 10 – Introduction to the Planets
Class 11 – Working with the Planets
Class 12 – Integration Session
Class 13 – Putting It All Together

Class 14 – Integration Session
Class 15 – Introduction to Aspects
Class 16 – Integration Session
Class 17 – Step-By-Step General Reading
Class 18 – Practice Giving a General Reading
Class 19 – Step-By-Step Career and Love Readings
Class 20 – Practice Giving Career and Love Readings
Class 21 – Step-By-Step Ancestral Karma Reading
Class 22 – Practice Giving an Ancestral Karma Reading
Class 23 – Final Integration Session

Class 1 – Introduction to Aspect Patterns
Class 2 – Working with Aspect Patterns and Introduction to Chart Patterns
Class 3 – Introduction to the Planetary Powers
Class 4 – Working with Rulerships
Class 5 – Integration Session
Class 6 – Introduction to Transits
Class 7 – Working with Transits
Class 8 – Retrograde Natal Planets + Major ‘Life Cycle’ Transits
Class 9 – Integration Session
Class 10 – Introduction to Progressions
Class 11 – Combining Transits and Progressions
Class 12 – Integration Session
Class 13 – Filling in the Gaps – Asteroids, Sign Degrees, and Par of Fortune
Class 14 – Introduction to Reading in Different House Systems
Class 15 – Integration Session
Class 16 – Outlines for Career, Karmic Purpose and Ancestral Karma Readings
Classes 17-19 – Practicing Using the Chart Reading Outlines
Class 20 – Outlines for Relationship Readings + How to Read Synastry and Composite Charts
Class 21 – Practicing Using the Chart Reading Outlines
Class 22 – How to Prepare Yearly Preview Reports for Clients
Class 23 – Practicing Using the Yearly Preview Outline
Class 24 – Integration Session
Class 25 – How to Read a Solar Return Chart
Class 26 – Intro to Relocation Astrology
Class 27-29 – Practice With Honing Your Unique Astrological Voice
Class 30- Graduation Ceremony 


Each class slowly and steadily build upon the last.

101 School Year (5-6 months)

Black Sky

What type of astrology do you teach?

I practice and teach Western (Tropical Zodiac) Astrology, with a special emphasis on the Evolutionary Astrology branch.  This type of Astrology is also sometimes called Archetypal Astrology or Psychological Astrology.

​This practice embodies the belief that your Birth Chart (the snapshot in time and space of the moment of your birth) shows which cycles / Archetypes / themes you decided you wanted to explore before you came down into this human experience of ‘you.’ It is a free-will oriented understanding of Astrology – a healing and divine form of shadow work.

Black Sky

I know some stuff about astrology already... Will this school be useful for me?

Whether you’ve been studying Astrology for years (but don’t know how to put all the pieces together), or you’re brand new to Astrology (but are OBSESSED and totally ready to dive in to all the things!) I promise your mind will be blown with how much there is to know about this sacred science.

Where students are currently at in their studies when they start my School varies widely.  And while its helpful to know a thing or two to begin with, having any previous experience with Astrology is not actually required.  As long as you’re utterly fascinated by Astrology, you’re in the right place!

What IS required though is having an intense love of Self Discovery and Self Mastery, and a desire to continue learning and deepening so as to help yourself and others with this gained wisdom. 

Black Sky

Do you think I will be equipped to provide readings (for pay!) after completing just the 101 course?

Yes! 🙂  In the last month of the 101 course you’ll receive step-by-step outlines for how to give General Readings, Love Readings, Career Readings and Shadow Work Readings, along with many hours of guided practice so that you’ll leave very confident to give paid readings. 

You’ll know just enough to guide and help your new clients, even though there is, of course, much more to learn in the 102.  The 101 teaches you all the basics you NEED to know.  The 102 enhances all that and dives deeper into the secret wisdom of it all.

Black Sky

Where and How is this school held?

Each week during the school year, you'll receive a Class PDF to do on your own followed by a weekly class for answering any of your questions about the material. 

​All classes are Zoom OR Discord calls scheduled for a day and time each week that works best for you.

It is important to note that each week's PDF homework assignment will take about 2 hours outside of class time to complete.  Completing the PDF before your weekly check-in sessions is very important in you being able to get the most out of your time with this School. 

**Important Note** This is NOT your typical 'online course' that sends out weekly assignments to an anonymous group (with your only way of connection being messages in a chatroom).  This school is taught one-on-one (or sometimes in small groups) to make sure that everyone gets exactly the attention and guidance they need to thrive!

Black Sky

As a student, what supplies do I need to have on hand?

All my classes are very kinetic and hands on, so below is the list of supplies you’ll need to have on hand each week.

Needed Supplies:

- 4″ 3-ring binder for keeping all your weekly handouts and worksheets in
- something to write with
- glue stick
- Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Markers
- a few small envelopes (for some small game pieces you’ll be cutting out)
- a little metal brad (for the Working With the Houses class)
​- a highlighter
- access to a printer (to print out your weekly PDFs)
​- a small Ephemeris (only needed for the 102 portion of the school year)

(No idea what an Ephemeris is? No worries! I’ll be teaching you what it is and how to use it in the Transits classes. I’ll send you the link of where to order my preferred Ephemeris on the first day of class. The Ephemeris costs about $9).

Black Sky

How much time per week do I as a student need to set aside in order to be successful in this school?

This School is a commitment.  

This is not for the faint of heart, and will require quite a bit of your time and energy each week to succeed in!  As your teacher, I am fully committed to you gaining mastery in the art of Astrology – and I require that you are equally committed to this goal.

So make sure before signing up that you can commit to the 3+ hours a week (2+ hours of personal study plus 1 hours for private meeting) – each and every week. 

This school is a deeply powerful journey, and you will need to be ALL IN mentally and energetically to reap its profound rewards.  You’re learning a new language, so know that it will be a lot of work!  But you’ll love every minute of it 🙂

Black Sky

How much does this apprenticeship cost and how do I sign up???

Shoot me an e-mail at and we'll get you set up!!!

It is a pay-as-you-go format.  Each month you’re in the school you’ll pay a set price of $444 via PayPal or Zelle…

…And you continue for as long as you enjoy being a student.


That’s it!


No contracts, or time commitments!


Some students find that they feel complete after the 101, and so would only pay until then.

Others find that life throws them curve balls and they need to bow out early, or take a break, and they have the freedom to do that too.

And for those of you ready for the challenge and interested in completing the full School year (both 101 and 102), then you would simply continue your $444 a month payment for the full amount of time (usually about a year).

I’ve also found that this method is a fantastic motivator for students to stay on track with their lessons! (And therefore save money by completing the school early!)

So in short, this School costs what you want it to cost 🙂

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