Classes and Workshops

While it is lovely to have someone else tell you the mysteries of the universe, the most profound meanings come from understanding this ancient art for yourself. Check out some of my online and in-person workshops and classes if you want to dive deeper into this celestial art!


Karmic Purpose Astrology Workshop

November 19th - 1 to 3 PM CST

A playful yet profound IN-PERSON workshop where you will learn what your Soul has learned in its many past lives, and what you are working toward in this current lifetime!

Astro Obscura Astrology Apprenticeship

A combination of Divine Mystery School, rigorous Astrological study, playful games and weekly therapy, my Astrology School is for those who want to go beyond a ‘part-time’ passing curiosity in Astrology.

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Online Astrology Workshops

***Coming Soon!!!***

Can't make it out to Illinois? No problem! Join Angelica for any number of online workshops guaranteed to indulge both left and right-brain thinking.