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"I finally feel like I understand astrology. I used to be confused by a lot of my points in certain signs when it comes to my personality, but now it’s all become so much clearer. I’m excited to continue learning more about astrology in the future and I look forward to having more readings. I have a deeper understanding of myself and am eager to meet my upcoming saturn return!! Highly recommend getting any sort of Astrology Reading from Angie!"

Mimzy, Artist

"Angie gave me my first reading I’ve ever had. And it was a fantastic experience! She gave me extensive amount of knowledge that I could never of imagined possible. Even managing to not overwhelm me with information, but still get me to understand the concepts that are so foreign to me. I appreciate her patience and enthusiasm that she brings to the table when working with people. She touched on spiritual, emotional, and perspectives. Taught me so much about myself that I never expected but resonated with me so much. I haven’t heard of half of these concepts and they are just absolutely incredible to learn about and Angie is the perfect person to teach you. I highly recommend getting a reading from Angie and see what the universe has in store for you as well!"

Mary, Pre-K Teacher

"I got a Shadow Reading and it was so amazing. It was a real deep dive into my inner self and the dark parts of me I didn’t really understand. Her reading was incredibly insightful and helped me gain a better understanding of myself. It also helped give me awareness on how to deal with those demons or darker sides of myself that I struggle with. Though not in a “here’s how to fix it” way, but more of a be aware of it and it’s ok that it exists. I greatly loved how her reading came from a point of view that was easy to understand logically and not vague mystery that only leads to more questions. I’d definitely get another reading from her in half a heartbeat."

Sam, Billing Specialist

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