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Most people know what's called their Sun Sign - that's your Zodiac sign based on your date of birth. But you also have signs for each of the planets (and more) that determine aspects of your personality and how you might fare in different areas of life. In these readings I will guide you through your astrology chart (or loved one's charts!) to get to know your Authentic Self and what the future may bring. We'll talk through your gifts, your challenges, and steps toward overcoming them, as well as your Soul's purpose in this lifetime. Check the FAQ below if you have any questions!

IMPORTANT: The EXACT time (to the minute), date, and location (city/town and country) of birth are needed to calculate an accurate birth chart!


Please email me at to book your reading!



Online Astrology Readings

I offer a variety of readings to understand your personal gifts and challenges, as well as navigate what the future may bring! We can chat via text, voice, or video call, whatever you are most comfortable with.

Voice and video include a personalized PDF recap of our conversation.


In-Person Astrology Readings

Are you in the Chicagoland area? Come see me in person at

The Gypsy Haven in Elgin, IL! Check the calendar on their website to see what days I'm available for 30 or 60 minute walk-in appointments - or just come say hi when I'm working the counter!


Parties & Events

Looking to entertain a crowd with astrology? Do you need a fun, group activity for your next gathering? From bachelorette parties to festivals to birthdays, I am happy to provide mini astrology readings at your next themed party, gathering, or corporate event!



Classes & Workshops

While it is lovely to have someone else tell you the mysteries of the universe, the most profound meanings come from understanding this ancient art for yourself. Check out some of my online and in-person workshops and classes if you want to dive deeper into this celestial art!

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