Astrology Offerings

In these readings you will receive a personal verbal and PDF walk-through of your chart (or loved one's charts!) to get to know aspects of your Authentic Self. We'll talk through your gifts, your challenges and steps toward overcoming them, as well as your Soul's purpose in this lifetime. Check the FAQ below if you have any questions!

IMPORTANT: The EXACT time (to the minute), date, and location (city/town and country) of birth are needed to calculate an accurate birth chart!

Please email me at to book your reading!



What if I don't know my birth time or location? Can I still get a reading?

An accurate time and location are crucial to an accurate chart - even a minute off can drastically alter a chart's layout! There are a few options for those who don't know their birth time or location, and how to find this info:
~ Check your birth certificate, if you can get ahold of it. It's the most reliable in terms of finding your birth time as well as location.

~ If you know it and it's applicable, contact the hospital in which you were born! They should keep accurate records of who was born and when.

~ If you know the location but not the time, call up the city hall of your birth town! This varies city by city, but you can request a birth certificate, as well as ask about birth times.
~ Ask your parents, if you can! This one can be tricky, as the human memory is certainly fallible, but one would hope a parent might remember such a life-changing moment as the birth of Y-O-U! :)
~ When all else fails, if you know your location but cannot figure out the time, ask me about a Chart Rectification Reading! These readings are intended to narrow in on the time you were born by your answering a barrage of questions that relate to the major events and important aspects of your life thus far.

What do I need for my reading?
Please have Zoom, Discord, Skype, or Facebook installed on your computer or phone, as your reading will be done via video call! It would also help if you mention any particular points you'd like me to look at ahead of time, but you can certainly bring any questions you have to the reading, or have none at all! I will always cater my reading to your level of astrological understanding, whether this is your first time or you are well-versed in the field. :)

What exactly do I get in my reading?

You will receive a video call in which I will provide a thorough look at your birth chart. We will cover everything that makes you YOU, your soul's journey and purpose during this lifetime, and any current transiting energies affecting you and how to navigate them. A PDF wrap-up of your reading will be sent your way within 24-72 hours. Yearly transit reviews also include a personalized PDF of the coming year and how that may affect you.

How long does a reading take?

Readings generally take 60 to 75 minutes.

What does your pricing look like?

Payment is made to me via PayPal at I offer sliding scale pricing for my readings based on your annual income:

If you earn less than $30,000: $100*

$30-50,000: $130*

$50-75,000: $160*

$75,000+: $190*

Each reading is preceded with 1-2 hours of prep and calculation, in addition to the time to write a personalized PDF of your chart.

*Yearly Transit Reviews are an additional $100 to the above rates due to the additional labor and calculation involved.

Can I gift a reading to someone?

Yes! Contact me via e-mail at or by filling out my Contact form (link in the menu above). Please have the contact information of the person you would like to gift a reading to, but I will ask them for the birth time/date/location personally to maintain privacy. <3

I would like a reading that you don't seem to offer...
Just ask! I highly recommend getting a General Birth Chart reading first, where I can answer any questions in the moment, but I'm happy to work with you if you have a specific question or idea in mind that we don't get the chance to cover!


Disclaimer: Angelica is trained and certified in astrology, but she is by no means an MD nor a psychiatrist. Angelica will make suggestions and recommendations for your well-being based on human experience and compassion, but will not be held liable for any physical, emotional, psycho-spiritual or immune-disturbances you may experience. Please inform Angelica of any pre-existing conditions before a session.